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So then, you've made it this far, huh.

Well in that case, give yourself a pat on the back - you deserve it :-)

So what bag of goodies do I have for you today, eh?

Well, in today's FREE training I'm going to show you a cool little trick anyone can do - regardless of experience - to start generating traffic as soon as TODAY.

And hey, not only does this deliver FAST results... But it's 100% FREE to implement too.

Pretty awesome, right.

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I'm gonna start of by saying, there's literally hundreds traffic methods, out there.

And if you want my very BEST traffic-getting methods, then you can get 'em here.

But I I thought I'd share this particular method because it's great for anyone starting.

Why? Because it's quick, easy and free to implement to do.

So what's the method, I hear you cry?

Well, in today's training, I'm going to show you a cool method using little known website called Facebook.

You may of heard of it, in fact ;-)

Anyway, this is how to do it...

Part 1: The Facebook Method

1. So the first thing you're gonna need is a Facebook account.

Now practically everyone has one but if you haven't got one, then you can sign up here.

2. Now head to the searchbar at the top and type in the keyword that best represents your market but in the broadest term possible.

Then hit the search/magnifying glass button.

3. Once it brings up the search results, you now want to click on the "Groups" tab:

4. Now this will bring up all the groups related to your market.

What you want to do now is join around 15 - 20 of the largest groups you can find.

Warning - Please Read

Now you can join more groups if you want to...

But if you join too many groups too soon, Facebook can potentially lock you out of your account for anywhere upto 7 days.

However, that said, Facebook will normally give you a friendly warning to slow down before locking you out for 7 days.

5. Getting approved at these groups can take anywhere from minutes to a few days - depending on the group admin and when they approve you, really.

But once you've been approved, you want to head to the group and post your article you wrote yesterday and then it "Post":


When posting, I recommend putting a little blurb with the link you're posting

This will help to "humanise" the post and make it less spammy looking, as well.

So just before you post the link, put something like...

"Hey guys, just thought I'd share this with you. It shows you how to blah blah blah"

6. Once you've done that, you basically rinse and repeat the method and post your link to the rest of the groups you joined.

7. Then on the second day, find and join another 15 - 20 groups in your market with a large following and post to them as well.

And it's just a case of repeating the method, while slowly scaling it up in the process.

Bonus: How To Automate The ENTIRE Method & Scale It Up To Get Massive, Passive Traffic FAST

Now this traffic method will start to bring in small trickles of traffic as soon as today.

But if you really wanna ramp it up, then you're going to need to start posting to hundreds of groups on a daily basis.

Now as you can imagine, this is A LOT of work, but thankfully, there's a way you can do this on complete auto-pilot...

So if you really want to automate and scale this up as well, then I recommend grabbing some software called MassPlanner.

Me personally, I use this software to post to hundreds of groups every single day.

It brings me hundreds of leads to my site every day WITHOUT fail and it runs on complete auto-pilot, too.

You get a FREE 5 day trial - after that - it's $10 a month.

Even if you make just one commission a month from using Massplanner (which you won't - you'll make way more than that) then Massplanner has not only paid for itself... But you've made a profit, as well.

So if you want to take this particular method to the next level and scale it up and automate it at the same time, then there's no better option than Massplanner, in my opinion.

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