Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome In Online Marketing

shiny object syndromeOnline marketing is identifying the need of people and finding a solution for the need. The ability to place the solution in front of them is the art to master. However, many marketers are victims’ of shiny object syndrome.  These marketers have placed their belief in buzzwords, trends and various systems hoping to achieve results without doing the actual work that would bring results.

Internet marketing is simple, not easy but doable. With or without any individual’s participation, internet marketing is thriving and will continue to thrive for good. All that is required of any marketer is to master the underlying marketing skill needed for a successful online business. All systems and software are automation of marketers ways of doing things. However, they are in all cases limited aspects of an overall marketing approach.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Unless you know what you’re doing and willing to put in the work no system can help you.There are many aspects of online business but the information out there is not cohesive. Unless you’re able to provide what your target market really wants, they have no interest in anything of yours. You have to master the various processes from niche finding to driving traffic and the art of converting your traffic. The use of tools is to lessen your work load. No tool or system on its own can deliver your ultimate goal by making your lead take the required action.

The overall strategic marketing plan should be clear and understood. There is definitely a need for help to make the work involved lighter. You would either outsource some tasks or have software that can speed up some action work for you. The shiny object syndrome marketers would always have excuses not to take action. Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, you make things happen by taken action.

There are all kinds of internet marketing promotions. These promotions either fall under the umbrellas of Paid Traffic or the so called Free Traffic using Search Engine Optimization. Mastering some simple internet marketing strategies would help you get information about your products and/or services. You can easily find your targeted audience with lightning speed.


The most wonderful thing about online business is the ability to reach all kinds of audiences at all levels. Both local and abroad interests are reachable without any geographical barriers with little or no effort at all from you.

Your goal is to master how to achieve your objectives with some basic marketing skill. This would give you the confidence to avoid the shiny object syndrome craziness.  Even beginners who are learning how to work the internet stuff can be successful with a simple internet marketing plan.

Updated: September 1, 2017 — 4:20 pm

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