How Long Term Alcohol Use Affect Brain – Alcohol Effects

long term alcohol use affect brain Long term alcohol use affects brain in different ways. Alcoholics experience different levels of brain damage. They also seem to develop the disease from different sources.There isn’t a single compelling evidence for a particular cause for all alcohol related brain damages.

Some alcoholics, after a period of soberness, show good changes with their brains’ functioning and their brain structure also improve. Usually, it takes about a year to see any significant changes but some take a bit longer. AS there are varying factors affecting alcoholics, there must be a different approach to treatment for them.

Alcohol Effects – How Long Term Alcohol Use Affect Brain

Drinking alcohol changes the mood of the drinker. In the short-term, there is almost always a happy sensation. However, long-term drinking can lead to some very serious mental health problems. In fact, alcohol consumption can cause lots of problems including depression, memory loss, and even suicide.

There are chemicals in our brains which help us function. Because alcohol is a depressant, it can disrupt these chemical balance and alter our thoughts, actions, and feelings. Loss of sleep by the use of alcohol is a big health issue.

However, as you drink more alcohol, other areas of the brain are affected. When you continue to drink, your mood begins to change. Instead of the decreasing anxiety of levels, your alcohol consumption can cause a number of negative emotions. You may become aggressive, fearful, depressed or even suicidal when you drink more and more alcohol.

How Alcohol Consumption Increases Anxieties

An occasional glass of wine may help you relax.  But over time this same glass of wine can make you anxious and allow you to begin suffering from depression. Regular alcohol consumption interferes with the neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters affect your mood and overall mental health.

When we consume alcohol, our perceptions narrow and we do not respond to things well around us. We are prone to anxious thoughts and react to situations that could be interpreted as threatening. We concentrate on the person or situation and forget about everything else around us. How the long term alcohol use affects the brain is a complex subject but there have been some breakthroughs.


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