Blogging: Understanding How Blogs Work


Blogging is using a blog as a platform to post content of writings, videos, and images for public consumption. The blog is an online window that individuals use to express their views on anything they want to talk about.  A blog is designed to have the latest content to show up over previous ones for the audience who visit the blog to interact with the content by reading and commenting on it.

Blogging With The Content Management System

Blogs are easy to set up. With a traditional static website, you need to know how to write HTML, or PHP, or another language. Then when you create a page, you need to upload it to the server. Once the page is on the server, you need to check and see that the format and layout are right and that everything is in the proper place. If not, you need to modify the code on the page, and then upload it again and check it again. When you make a blog post, you simply log in, write your post, and click the publish button.

Because of the ease of posting on a blog, you can make frequent posts. This provides fresh content on a regular basis. Fresh content is a benefit of the readers and keeps them coming back to the site to read the new posts. The search engines also like fresh content, keeping the site ranked well.

The interface, a content management system, known as WORDPRESS, has a working place at the back where the blog owner or webmaster only has access details to create any content he or she would like readers to read view or watch. The webmaster can create new content and edit older posts as well as approving or disapproving comments from the blog visitors. Blogs provide easy interaction with the readers. On many of the blogs, there is an option for visitors to comment on blog posts. In addition to content creation management, webmasters also manage the themes of their site.

Blogging platforms like WordPress have actually made site building very easy to creating and using content on a site. Webmasters no longer need to know any advanced technical stuff like HTML, CSS, and PHP. Blogging software has plugins and apps which enable blogs to perform beyond its basic form. There are plugins for Search Engine Optimization, SEO, helping posts to be easily identified with its focus keyword. All kinds of apps and plugins are available that make information sharing very easy to do.





Updated: September 1, 2017 — 4:20 pm

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