Alcohol Abuse Effects – Alcohol Facts

Alcohol abuse is a custom drinking behavior that affects the individual’s health, social relationships and or the ability to work. Such alcohol victims regularly fail to meet their responsibilities. They perform less both at home and at work. They don’t seem concerned with the consequences of their actions.

Moderate regular drinking is a pastime that many people indulge in with some positive effects. However, binge or heavy drinking would have damaging calcohol abuseonsequences for a person and his or her social relations.

The negative consequences of alcohol consumption are significant. Using alcohol beyond moderation contributes to ill health in almost everyone. You should avoid alcohol if you are on medication. People with certain illnesses and pregnant women should avoid alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse Effects – Short & Long Terms Alcohol Effects

Alcohol attacks the functioning systems like the brain, heart, liver, sleeping and many others. The human body is a superb thing but could be negatively affected by alcohol misuse. When you drink alcohol, your mood may be uplifted for a short time. However, long-term drinking can lead to serious mental health problems. In fact, alcohol consumption can cause many problems including depression, memory loss, and even suicide.

Because alcohol is a depressant, it can disrupt this delicate balance and alter our thoughts, actions, and feelings. Alcohol consumption causes chemicals in the brain to alter. Drinking alcohol can decrease anxiety and increase your confidence levels, but not for long.

An occasional glass of wine may help you relax. But over time this same glass of wine can make you anxious and start suffering from depression. Regular alcohol consumption interferes with the neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters affect your mood and overall mental health. When we consume alcohol, our perceptions narrow and we do not always respond to things around us well.

The Risk Of Regular Alcohol Use On Health And Relations

The use of alcohol has a direct effect on the heart and the blood circulation. Alcohol abuse could cause blood pressure (hypertension) increasing the risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

We all love to feel fresh and vigor after a good sleep. Sleeping allows the body to regain vitality but needs the uninterrupted period of sleep to have effective recuperation. Wrongful use of alcohol can seriously affect the quality of sleep. It interferes with deep sleeping patterns leaving the body feeling exhausted and restless. A good advice is to let some cooling off period before sleep.

In general, the overall health of an individual should be considered in accessing positive effects of alcohol. Moderate use of alcohol may relieve stress and psychological health issues. But excessive drinkers are prone to all kinds of injuries and violence apart from health issues. The proper use of alcohol may reduce the risk of memory loss in older people.


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