aboutWelcome to kwanafo.com where online marketing experiences are shared freely. Our business is about how to leverage online resources for effective marketing. We believe every marketer has a unique story to tell. From how we started internet marketing with high dreams and later becoming overwhelmed and discouraged but stuck to it to where we are now. There is so much for us to share and encourage others, especially beginners, who need such help to keep going.

The goal here is to help marketers to understand the how to develop the skill of marketing and stop hopping around for some magic to be successful online. Kwanafo site discusses experiences relating to all aspects of internet marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Tools, Affiliate Marketing and many others.

We firmly believe that anyone who thoroughly grasps the art and science of marketing can be successful and would be heavily rewarded for the time and effort invested. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts; there is work to do but pays big time.

As you are aware, the internet is very dynamic and things are evolving fast. We, therefore, regularly update information on this site as new experiences are shared and new information about products become available. Please bookmark us and come back for more.

None of the recommended products on this site is directly sold by us. However, we do receive a small commission from the sellers whenever visitors purchase items through us.

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